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Polly's Brew - On & On & On


Let it not be said that we don't enjoy a little experimentation within the Augment range. After having tried plenty of lactose beers that were a little too much, we decided to take our hand to the style to see what our brew team is capable of with this niche style of IPA.
The result is On & On & On; a lactose IPA that is subtle as it is all out flavour. Balancing the sweetness from the lactose with the bitterness from the hops, this beer is all about the mouthfeel - coating the palate in a silky bouquet of tropical fruit salad notes, with a mellow sweetness that runs throughout.
A beer that shows we're unafraid to step out of our comfort zone, and ecstatic at the result when we do.

ABV - 7.2%