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Northern Monk - Patrons Lemon Radler

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We put together a radler-style super- sessionable light IPA blended out with the great zesty character of comminuted lemons. The grist is a mix of super pale pilsner malt and wheat, split between malted and flaked for a good mix of flavour, fermentability and mouth feel. This was the perfect opportunity to use one of our favourite hops, Lemondrop. This lesser-used US variety contributes a lovely herbal, lemon balm character with a touch of light zest which complements the fruit beautifully. We added most of the hops in the whirlpool to build in a depth of flavour and backed them up with a small dry hop for good measure. We wanted to ensure we let the aroma of the comminute shine as we added 400kg mid-way through a fermentation with our house IPA yeast.

ABV - 2.8%