Agnes Arber

Agnes Arber


If you're well aware who Agnes Arber is, then good job! For those unaware, I have the pleasure of introducing to you one of the finest historians of her time.

Famed for her work on botany and philosophy, Arber had published an extensive library of books before her death in 1960, and on the 24th of May 1948 she became the first woman to receive the Gold medal of the Linnean Society, a world famous institution dedicated to the study of natural history.

This quite stunning gin before you is dedicated in her honour, and fittingly features a garden of brilliant botanicals. Nine in total, including angelica, cassia, coriander, grapefruit, iris, juniper, lemon, liquorice and orange were distilled together to create this marvellous concoction.

A loving tribute with reams of flavour and gorgeous aesthetic, what's not to like?


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