5 easy steps to eco friendly life

We face a crisis, a huge catastrophic crisis.

Plastic pollution, carbon emissions, ice caps melting, seas rising. Our house is well and truly on fire. You might think that given we are facing such an incredible problem it would be obvious what we can do to stop climate change. The big decisions might be black and white but navigating day to day sustainable living can be a little more complicated and overwhelming.

One day your told to invest in a bamboo cup and then the next rice husk, more often than not it can be one step forward and two steps back. The EARTH PLAN will not only kick start your eco-friendly life but will aid you throughout your journey to zero waste living at all stages.


You need to know your own personal starting point in order to find solutions that resonate with you and your lifestyle. There is no point buying a reusable coffee cup if you don't drink coffee, what you need to do is identify the areas in your life where you create the most waste. Do a stock take of all the single use items in your house, separate them into categories and take a note of what they are and where they come from. Did they find their way into your home because someone bought them for you? Is your biggest pile of single use plastic from your bathroom?

Pledge to tackle one thing at a time.

A - ASPIRE It is proven that if you have a clear goal then you are far more likely to be successful in your aims. Create some SMART goals for your eco journey. It might be that you want to eliminate 3 items of single use plastics in the next month. Get your aspirations on a vision board and place it somewhere you will see it every day to give yourself some motivation.


The overriding principal of living a more sustainable life is reducing your consumption and therefor your waste.

Refuse-refuse things you don't need, whether it is junk mail or shopping bags, just say no.

Reduce- Start thinking about your climate budget in the same way as your cash and make decisions to reduce the possibility of that pot being empty. Take the bus instead of the car or re wear an outfit instead of buying new.

Repair - Make fixing something the first port of call before replacing it with something new. Stitch your jeans or take the hoover to a repair cafe instead.

Reuse- Look at your possessions as resources. What can you do with that old towel to give it a new life? Can that glass jar be used for refilling at your nearest zero waste shop?

Recycle- Even with all the will in the world it is unlikely you will have ZERO waste, use recycling as a last resort but do make purchases that can be recycled at the end of life.


Think about your actions on a conscious level. Educate yourself more so you can make well informed decisions. It might be you teach yourself what certain Eco terms mean. Do you know the difference between Degradable and Biodegradable?


This might be the most important part of your Eco-journey. Think about how others can help you and how you might be able to help them on their journey to sustainable living. Everything is easier when you have the correct support system in place. When you are out and about talk to people and businesses about your journey and about climate change. You don't need to preach but just show by example why it is so important and do not be afraid to tell them what you need from them.

Next time you are on the hunt for new outfit but can’t find anything made with organic material in your go to shop, tell them. Write to HQ and tell them what you want, you are the customer and you create the demand. We would love to know what changes you have made to live a more sustainable life, let us know in the comments, you never know your actions may well inspire someone else.

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