Activities to do while stuck at home- COVID-19 part 2

If you didn’t catch our first blog post all about how you can make the most of your time in lock down. If your sick of sitting on the sofa and watching Netflix, then worry no more, we have you. Go and check out our first post at where you will find 50 more ideas and activities you can be filling your lock down time with. For the rest of you here is the second installment as promised, it would be great to see what you all get up to so make sure you tag us on Facebook or Instagram, you can find us using the handle @thebottletopnotts 51) Create an obstacle course Sofa cushions, and boxes are great tools for setting up your own obstacle course. My kids love it but I have to admit its quite a lot of fun for me too! 52) Sleep over in the living room I’m not sure why but sleeping over in the living room is something my kids love to do. We make some beds up on the floor, stick on a movie and all sleep together downstairs. Slumber party vibes all around.

53) Home Cinema Okay so some of us might be all movied out but if not then spice up the movie marathon by making your own popcorn (I know a good place you can get zero waste popping kernels, we even have a video on social media to show you how to make it) dimming the lights, and designing your own popcorn boxes. 54) Organise your underwear drawer I recently attended a fab networking event for Mum's in Business Association and our guest speaker was image consultant Lisa Newport. She talked a lot about how to dress confident and highlighted the links between how we dress and how we feel. My top takeaway was to make sure your pants were up to scratch. I went home and spent an hour organising my underwear drawer! You can find the wonderful Lisa Newport here; Facebook: @lisanewport 55) Tie dye This brings back memories of when I was a child and tie dye was considered cool. I sent a large amount of time tie dyeing anything I could find in the bath. I didn’t give a thought to what was actually in the dye. These days I know better, I discovered you can tie dye using things like turmeric and beetroot. 56) Water play We have been lucky enough that the weather has been kind to us and it has been perfect for water play activities. We like to fill up the bath, the sink or just some bowls outside in the garden and give the toys a wash. You don’t need to buy fancy water play toys, my kids like empty yoghurt pots, wooden spoons and bubbles just a much. 57) Reflection Chart We have spent a craft session designing our own reflection charts. Ours took the form of different coloured cards. Red, Orange, Green and Gold. The kids had lots of fun making them and each night we grade the day, its a great opportunity to get talking.. Gold is reserved for when someone in the family does something extra special – if you get a gold card you get a point towards a treat when its all over! (the gold card was inspired by Britain’s got Talent) 58) Housework Keeping on top of the house work can be near on impossible, but getting the kids involved can make your life a little easier and is a good way for them to earn extra snacks. I have managed to delegate pot washing, hoovering and picking up toys. 59) Wash the car Before lock down my little car was lucky if it got a bubble bath once every 6 months but we are keeping him nice and clean during lock down, arming the kids with a bucket and sponge is a great way to knock a job off your list but entertain them too.

60) Water the plants This is a great opportunity to learn about the wildlife and plants in your garden and pretty therapeutic too. I for one am enjoying watering the garden while drinking Gin. You are welcome! 61) Face time We might not be able to see our friends in person but we have face time- I for one have been enjoying face timing people and have found that I am making more of an effort to set aside time to keep in touch with loved ones. I will remember this positive next time I am feeling the Covid-19 blues. 62) Spot the difference You can find some fab spot the difference freebies online just print them off and test out your observation skills. 63) Chalk Pictures of rainbows, motivational messages or just good old traditional hop scotch, chalking your pavement is a great way to fill your time. We have actually spotted people doing the hopscotch we drew while out on their daily walk. 64) Make Cards Are you missing someone? Has someone done something kind for you? Let them know or say thank you by sending them a card. You don’t have to go online to find one but have a go at making one yourself. Make use of what you have. I know I have paper, cardboard boxes, buttons and ribbon in the house already, it’s a much more personal way to show your gratitude. 65)Scrap Booking There are heaps and heaps of scrap booking ideas and templates online, be prepared though, it can be a little addictive. We made a scrap book for my mum's 60th and lets just say there was a little bit of crying. 66) Make a video Whether you record the family doing a dance routine or get yourself on TIk Tok, making a video is a great way to get your creative juices going. 67) You Tube Channel Do you have a talent to show off or a passion you could talk about for hours? Start a you tube channel and share it with the world, you never know you may even generate a income from it one day.

68) Start a business Many of us go through our lives with a desire to work for ourselves or start a new business. Covid-19 could be the opportunity for you to write your business plan. There are so many fab resources to help you get started, but I am giving a shout out to Mums in Business Association, they have some fab affordable courses and the community is brilliant too. You can find them here: 69) Take Photos Capture your Covid-19 experience through photos or give the kids your phone/camera and send them off around the house to take pictures of certain objects. My little girl loves playing photographer. 70) Watch the zoo/blue planet live Lots of Zoo’s and animal attractions are doing live tours and talks on Facebook. It’s a great opportunity to learn something new about our wildlife. 71) Start a blog You don’t have to be the words best writer you just have to have something to say. Blog writing is gaining popularity and can even generate you an income but most of all it’s a great platform to channel your thoughts and emotions. My fellow Miba Laura at Anchor Online has a fab planner to help you get started, you can find it here: 72) Make Lunch Making lunch might seem a little boring to the grown-ups but learning to make sarnie is a pretty big life skill for the little ones. Buttering is a fine art! 74) Gratitude Journal Times can be a little bleak so its highly important that we give ourselves the opportunity to look on the bright side and start the day off with something to be grateful for. A gratitude journal is easy to do but can really make the difference to your mental health. Make a point each day of writing down 3 things you are grateful for or 3 good things that happened.

75) Organise your craft cupboard

I am hoping I am not the only one, but my craft cupboard is more like a dumping ground. Getting the craft supplies organised will make entertaining the kids much easier when I don’t have to deal with the paper avalanche. We did make a start and sharpened every single pencil we could find. It took us a while and we ended up with blisters but it was a great opportunity to talk to the kids about colours and get another job ticked off the never ending to do list.

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