5 New Years Resolutions to Kick Start a Sustainable 2020

ARE YOU READY FOR 2020? The year 2019 brought some extremes and not just in the weather. Greta took the world by absolute storm and who knows where this next year will take us. Making greener new years resolutions will no doubt be on the list of things to do for many of us, after all isn’t green the new black for 2020?

Having said that there are still many of us who find the world of sustainable living hard to navigate but taking a more environmentally friendly approach to life doesn’t need to be complicated, it does not need to mean giving things up that you love and really does not have to cost the earth.

Zero Waste is a scary term, one I hate, but all it means is stopping wasteful habits and being more conscious of the decisions you make. Here are my top 5 suggestions for your sustainable New Year resolutions that are simple, stress free and can work for any budget.

1) Pay More Attention, Ask More Questions

If 2019 hasn’t taught you to question more in life then you would be among the very few. Millions is invested into every product or story you hear to ensure that the maximum amount of people buy into whatever it is, there is little regulation in what people or companies can say and that means we don’t always get clear truths. Decide that this year you will pay more attention to the details. Think more about your decisions and the consequences of them. What is it exactly that you are buying? What is in it? Where did it come from? Where will it go when your done with it? It sounds simple but will take a little practice and time. When you pay more attention and become more aware of consequences I guarantee you that living a more green lifestyle will become natural and you might not always even realise it.

2) Save Your Cash

Buy less. Waste Less. The maths is easy. Having less in the first place means you have less of an opportunity to waste which means you impact the environment less. If you commit to resolution one and become more conscious of your decision making you will likely find that buying less is already happening. Commit to buying nothing new for a month, borrow things, make things and repair things instead. It’s a win on more than one level, it is good for the planet, it saves you money and you spend less time trawling the shops or tidying up endless stuff, all of which means you have more time and money to do things you actually enjoy.

3) Do It Your Self Home make anything and everything you can, it is fun, it is cheap, and it is environmentally friendly all at the same time. You can make almost anything yourself, get online or to a class and learn how, I have taught myself a lot of what I know just by watching a You Tube video or two. By making your own you can control what goes into it and whatever it Is that you make will be packaging free. There are millions of recipes on the web for all sort of things from household cleaning products to face cloths and your own clothes, if you need some inspiration sign up the blog and get ideas straight to your inbox.

4) Read More Learn More

Read more and learn more, do some real research and educate yourself. Knowledge is power and there is nothing better than knowing the truth to motivate you. If you aren’t sure what the ingredient listed on your shampoo bottle is then make it your mission to find out. If you not sure where something was sourced or what Greta and Leonardo are talking about the then make it your mission to find out. What I have uncovered in some of my day to day products and activities was all I needed to make the changes and make me passionate about living greener and I’m sure it will be for you too.

5) Make Your Money Talk

There are some areas of life where single use items almost have to exist, for example in the medical field and for those things it is okay but 90% of single use items in our everyday life are for our convenience, but how convenient is It really if It is destroying the planet we depend on to survive. By simply ditching the disposables and investing in reusables you not only waste less but you tell those in power and those producing single use items that disposables are no longer the “in thing” and eventually they will listen and stop producing single use items. At the end of the day if big corporations don’t respond to our pleas they will respond to our money, money talks so make it talk for better products that have a lesser environmental impact. We create the demand every time we purchase something, if we reduce the demand the production of single use items will reduce too and eventually living an Eco Friendly life will be easier because the items we need will be readily available to us.

Living a more sustainble life is something that all of us are going to have to think about and something that will no doubt be a big talking point in 2020 so get a head start and let us know in the comments what you will be doing in 2020.

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